Athman Park

Bounded by Federal Blvd, Alameda Ave, Mississippi Ave and South Santa Fe Drive, Athmar Park is a solid working-class neighborhood enjoying a quiet redevelopment, including the newly revitalized Alameda Square shopping center. The wide residential streets surrounding Huston Lake Park are filled with mid-century homes, and are just a few minutes from downtown. Some of Denver’s best Asian restaurants, including the T-Wa Inn, King’s Land, and Super Star Asian, draw fans from all over the city.


Barnum is a neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The neighborhood is located in the area known as West Denver. According to the Piton Foundation, in 2007, the population of the neighborhood was 6,456, and there were 1,924 housing units.


Valverde is a neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. It is in the area known as West Denver or the “West Side”. According to the Piton Foundation, in 2007, the population of the neighborhood was 4,093, and there were 1,276 housing units. There are several city parks in the neighborhood, and the South Platte River serves as the neighborhood’s eastern boundary. Near the river, the neighborhood is mostly industrial, but further to the west it is dominated by single-family homes. Interstate 25 runs alongside the South Platte River to the east, but because the river itself is Valverde’s eastern border, the freeway is technically in the Baker Neighborhood.

Villa Park

Villa Park Neighborhood has Lakewood and Dry Gulch intersecting the neighborhood. Great views of the downtown area and the mountains. Most of the housing is single-family bungalows that were built after WWII and occupied by hard working families. The neighborhood consists chiefly of single-family homes with some apartment buildings and several apartment complexes. Commercial development exists primarily on the major thoroughfares of Sheridan and Federal Boulevards with smaller commercial areas along Sixth and 10th avenues and Knox Court.

West Colfax

The neighborhood is bordered on the west by Sheridan Boulevard, which is also the border with Jefferson County and the town of Lakewood, on the north by 17th and 19th avenues, on the east by Federal Boulevard, and on the south by Lakewood Gulch. The neighborhood takes its name from West Colfax Avenue, which is the busiest street in the neighborhood and which runs east and west through it. The neighborhood contains many single-family homes, condos, and businesses. Also, St. Anthony Central Hospital is located in the neighborhood.